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Similar to the Literacy Classroom Visit description, I work with a school or district to develop a plan for professional learning related to student-led discussions. The video entitled, Student-Led Discussion Framework, shows a fifth grade example of the process described in the book, Deep Discourse, which I co-authored. Examples of workshops and on-going professional development include: ​

Topic: Beginning the journey - giving students more opportunities to talk

Audience: K-12 teachers

Key concepts: Using a variety of strategies to increase student talk Understanding what student-led discussions are and are not and why they are important; Understanding the framework to enhance student-led discussions; Talk strategies and when to use them; Developing & using talk prompts

Topic: Content & communication learning targets to enhance discussions 

​Audience: K-12 teachers

Key concepts: Explicitly teaching students content and communication learning targets Developing and teaching a content and speaking/listening learning target; Assisting students by providing talk prompts until they are able to use them on their own

Topic: Leadership workshop for student-led discussions Audience: School and district leaders, literacy coaches

Key Concepts: The importance of creating a whole school culture where students are encouraged to lead their own discussions; Determining qualities to look for in classrooms where students engage in powerful academic discourse; Conducting classroom visits to determine patterns of student voice in classrooms; Using whole school data to determine professional development needs and monitor professional learning implementation

Topic: Moving beyond student talk to deep discourse Audience: K-12 teachers

Key Concepts: Helping your students engage in deep academic discourse; Understanding the difference between student talk and deep discourse


The Literacy Classroom Visit Model is designed to provide schools and districts with information on the alignment between their literacy instruction and research-based literacy practices. It is a process that uses specially trained consultants to give support, ideas, and feedback on enhancing literacy practices in schools and/or districts using a Literacy Classroom Visit instrument.

My consultation provides data-driven direction for schools or districts looking to improve literacy practices to maximize academic benefits. ​ The consultation will vary by school district and will depend upon a variety of factors, including the school staff's ability to focus on this initiative. Support for the Literacy Classroom Visit Model will include a template for the self-study questions, classroom visit observations, data and analysis, and the development of a report. Watch the video to learn more about the process. Then call or send an email to seek information for your school or district.


I provide consultation and professional development to enhance instructional and leadership skills in literacy and other content areas.