Similar to the Literacy Classroom Visit description, I work with a school or district to develop a plan for professional learning related to student-led discussions. The video entitled, Student-Led Discussion Framework, shows a fifth grade example of the process described in the book, Deep Discourse, which I co-authored. Examples of workshops and on-going professional development include: ​

Topic: Beginning the journey - giving students more opportunities to talk

Audience: K-12 teachers

Key concepts: Using a variety of strategies to increase student talk Understanding what student-led discussions are and are not and why they are important; Understanding the framework to enhance student-led discussions; Talk strategies and when to use them; Developing & using talk prompts

Topic: Content & communication learning targets to enhance discussions 

​Audience: K-12 teachers

Key concepts: Explicitly teaching students content and communication learning targets Developing and teaching a content and speaking/listening learning target; Assisting students by providing talk prompts until they are able to use them on their own

Topic: Leadership workshop for student-led discussions Audience: School and district leaders, literacy coaches

Key Concepts: The importance of creating a whole school culture where students are encouraged to lead their own discussions; Determining qualities to look for in classrooms where students engage in powerful academic discourse; Conducting classroom visits to determine patterns of student voice in classrooms; Using whole school data to determine professional development needs and monitor professional learning implementation

Topic: Moving beyond student talk to deep discourse Audience: K-12 teachers

Key Concepts: Helping your students engage in deep academic discourse; Understanding the difference between student talk and deep discourse


I provide consultation and professional development to enhance instructional and leadership skills in literacy and other content areas.

Sandi Novak, Ed.S.

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The Literacy Classroom Visit Model is designed to provide schools and districts with information on the alignment between their literacy instruction and research-based literacy practices. It is a process that uses specially trained consultants to give support, ideas, and feedback on enhancing literacy practices in schools and/or districts using a Literacy Classroom Visit instrument.

My consultation provides data-driven direction for schools or districts looking to improve literacy practices to maximize academic benefits. ​ The consultation will vary by school district and will depend upon a variety of factors, including the school staff's ability to focus on this initiative. Support for the Literacy Classroom Visit Model will include a template for the self-study questions, classroom visit observations, data and analysis, and the development of a report. Watch the video to learn more about the process. Then call or send an email to seek information for your school or district.